On July 9, 2016 there was an organized protest for the Black Lives Matter campaign in Fresno, Ca. It began at the intersection of Shaw and Blackstone. The protest walked from its starting point and ended later that night in Clovis. I followed it from where it started to Bullard, across to Fresno St, and back to Shaw where I broke off. During my time following and photographing the protest its path was protected by the combined efforts of Fresno Police Department and the California Highway Patrol. At one point, about an hour into the march, the protest attempted to take to Hwy 41, but there efforts were stopped by the CHP. While there were many vocalizations typical of a protest, the only point of hostility that I witnessed was at this point. The protest continued peacefully during the rest of my time with them.

Below are the images I was able to capture of the days event. My goal was to show the people out there and show the days story in my images. I hope that viewing them gives you a sense of the day.