Pizza! Pizza!

This week's photo is of Scarlett G., who some of you know as my daughter. Here I caught her as she was eating a piece of pizza while we waited for her mom. She was having a blast and enjoying it so much that I had to grab a picture of it! So what did I do? Duh! I whipped out my trusty camera! While my goal is to improve with my Dslr, this picture was taken with my phones camera, because in the end its the camera you have with you that is the camera to use, right? Anyway, it took me a couple tries to catch her mid-bite and with the right expression on her face. She was really enjoying her slice of pie! This was caught in the wild and out in the store where I didn't have alot of control over the light, but I placed her at this table to maximize what I had. My framing could have been a bit better since I didn't get all the clutter out of the photo. Well, this is a good lesson for me! I should keep my camera handy and watch my surroundings.